Beautiful house boat with 90m2 living space and 60m2 terrace Soon ready.

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Beautiful luxury house boat with approximately 90m2 living space and 60m2 terrace.
Built in Denmark, will be finish in 2018 and can be yours now.
Airy and stylish clean room feeling, delicious solutions are the theme of this design.
The boatbuilder started building the boat for himself and it can be seen clearly in the choice of solutions and quality.
Description of the boat from front to back:
Anchor & rope room. Bedroom with skylight, so you have the opportunity to look up at the stars on the warm summer evenings, radiator and wardrobe,
2 portholes and 10 windows with elm tree frames.
Bathroom is with radiator ,table in ash with sink, whirlpool, and shower.
Hall can be made into a small office with 2 windows with elm tree frames.
Technology room with an overview of all plumbing and electricity, easy access to empty the central vacuum cleaner, and plenty of storage space. The 1200 litre water tank is located centrally.
Below is the old fuel tank which has now been transformed into a 3000 L septic tank.
Large living room, with six windows with elm tree frames, a large double window will come.
1 floor: Kitchen, with room for both dining table and sofa arrangement.
Skylight with handmade design staircase to the large 30m2 rooftop terrace.

The ship is approved for sailing with up to 6 people of Borghegn Yacht service.
The pontoons are built so that outboard motors can be mounted for sailing.
They provide high stability so it is very comfortable to live on.
The pontoons and under the floor are filled with Pur foam. So no cold from the water can come up and condensation is avoided in the hull and in the swamp.
Insulation in walls and ceiling is a Pur insulation that equals 300 mm traditional.
The budget alone on the insulation is about 100,000 DKR.

The pictures inside are currently very misleading from the end result, as there is still work to be done to finish the boat. I can email you a couple of pictures of the last houseboat I built so that you can see the result and effect of the precious tree frames that I have also chosen on this boat.

Light source is warm white led spots with dimmers to each room.
The bedroom light is divided into 2 groups so the light can turn on without turning on over the bed.

The boat is built so that 1 floor can be lifted off during transport.

Sale price is completed build boat but with out floor and kitchen, if you want me to mount and build it, we can make a good deal of course.
Boat taking in exchange is a option.

Delivery to a port outside Denmark's borders can easily be done.
Good contacts for both tug and land transport are available.

Only serious bids are answered.
If you have questions and want to come and see the boat then you should be very welcome.
Greetings the boat builder.

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